Houston Law Blog Looking Into United Airlines Issue

The recent violent eviction of a paying passenger of United Airlines continues to electrify news coverage around the world and Houston law is not an exception. Their was clearly no accidental injuries involved in this particular case. For example, a popular blog by Mary Flood underscores the need to look into United’s terms of service for passengers in order to determine if the airline company had any right to evict a passenger by force.

In underscoring the need to examine the fine print of the commercial carrier’s culpability regarding possibly violating the rights of paying passengers–Houston law has set the tone for other American cities’ law associations to think in unison. While the United passenger did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, the April 12 Houston law blog also mentioned that a Manhattan law clerk leaped to his or her death from the tenth floor of an office building.

These developments merely underscore the unpredictability of circumstances. For example, although one of US president Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to crack down on illegal immigration, no one really saw the executive order regarding a massive travel ban coming. It’s a lesson for all legal bodies across America and the entire world.

Despite the serious disruption of US travel caused by widespread constraints for people traveling to America, an important silver lining has emerged. Concerted action among American legal entities and civil rights groups proved that the nation could pass the test of democracy with flying colors. In particular, the American principle of checks and balances worked like a charm for all the world’s countries to witness.

In the final analysis, current events tend to be the acid test of democracy in action and the rule of law. Lawmakers need not be very afraid of recent developments and must instead learn to embrace breaking news with open arms. Just as Benjamin Franklin once said, there is nothing certain in life except death and taxes.

Even the United Nations is not exempt from the concerned if not the concerted action of lawmakers. The time has come to ponder the legality of laying charges against Syria in relation to the recent isolated usage of biological warfare against innocent children. Evidence, the staple of law in action, will be required to resolve if indeed the Assad regime was responsible for gassing its own people or was it a frame-up as the Russians had alleged.

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